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So You Want a Website Design  That Works?

"Just though't I would let you know we are page 2 on Google for school ball limo and school ball limousine searches- not bad considering before the SEO course we didn’t rank in top 20 pages and the searches had such high competition the results from what I learnt from you from the SEO are really starting to show."

Kylie Christie

Why do some businesses generate one customer after another from their website – while others barely get a call? What if there were a way to turn 20, 40 or 60% of the visitors to your website, into paying customers? What would that be worth to your business?

If you could read just one article about maximizing the marketing potential of your website – this is it. In fact, I dare you to read this article, and not change the way you think about marketing your business on the web.

Does this scenario sound familiar to you?

  • You've forked out 1000s of dollars on a brand spanking new website. It looks fantastic. The graphics are amazing. The words read like something from the Oxford Dictionary.
  • And you feel very, very proud.
  • You start thinking about the return you're going to get from your considerable investment. You imagine the new customers who are going to come through the door.
  • And you wait, and wait. And wait.
  • And nothing happens.

There's a reason this scenario is played out time and time again all over Australia. And it's called "empty promises".

You see, just building a website is only part of the battle of getting a customer to buy. The most important parts - occur after the foundations of the site are put together.

So why weren't you told that in the first place?

Well, many web developers prefer to concentrate on the graphics of your website. Rightly or wrongly, they believe that providing they create something that looks appealing, they've kept up their part of the bargain.

What they don't really concern themselves with is the mechanics of making a website work. And that involves a lot more than designing attractive logos and incorporating pretty pictures.

Rather, it involves a great deal of strategic thinking on the part of the web developer - designed to ensure that not only does your site attract potential customers, it converts them once it get them there as well.

What if there were a way to have your cake and eat it too?

Fortunately, not all web development companies are the same.

At Oolybooly, we pride ourselves on creating websites that look stunning.

But we're also as concerned about what happens to your business after we create the website as about the website itself.

You see, we know that our success is tied to your success.

So we spend a lot of thought and energy deciding how to best maximize your resources (financial and time) in order to make sure your website WORKS.

In fact, given the choice between a pretty website that gets no traffic and a less attractive website that works, we'll always recommend the latter.

So how do you get a website to work?

The first key to creating a website that pays for itself is to generate traffic – potential customers who find you on the web.

When the web was new, "getting found" was relatively easy.

Today however, with an estimated 10 billion websites on the internet, it is a much harder proposition.

Get Customers

Fortunately, at Oolybooly, we know there are certain things you should do with your website in order to help the search engines like Google to find you.

For example, we know you should optimise (SEO) your site with keywords and links so that Google recognizes your site for what it is – as opposed to what it isn't (a fatal mistake for a lot of website).

We also know that a presence on the social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter helps, and so we try to factor that in. Finally, we know that a number of other back-end activities helps.

In fact, it's these back-end activities, perhaps more than anything else, that are the "rocket fuel" to the search engines.

Convert Customers

The other half of the getting your website to work is converting the traffic once you get them there.

You may well be attracting potential customers to your site.

But if they don't find what they're looking for – and pretty quickly at that (testing shows the average person will look at a page for 8 seconds!) – you've lost them.

And in most cases, for good!

So how do you make sure your convert them?


Watch them like a hawk.

See where your potential customers come from. See what pages they "land" on. See what pages they decide your product or service is not for them…

And then ask "why?"

And test your processes and sales copy until you DO convert them.

Concentrate on these two things – traffic and conversion.

And you will have a website that works.

And at Oolybooly, that's what we pride ourselves on.

If you'd like to find out how we can create a website that works call me Simon Eder, the Director of Oolybooly, on 0420 765 082.

I'll arrange a time to meet with you to discuss your business and the role you see your website playing in that business with a view to putting together a website package that not only suits your aims and budget – it actually works!

Call me today on 0420 765 082 and book your FREE consultation today.

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"Excellent Service, quick turnaround, easy to deal with and a website that delivers. "

Craig Wood  Business Intelligencestore