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Oolybooly Terms and Conditions

1. Support

  1. Oolybooly support is limited to assisting you with problems and questions relating directly to any service that Oolybooly provides you with. This includes website design and development, search engine optimisation, search marketing and training. Oolybooly offers internet / Web / Marketing consulting as a seperate service.
  2. All support enquiries must be submitted either through our support system on our website (, by email (
  3. Requests for support sent in any other way may be missed.
  4. Each client has a time allocation for incidental phone calls and general support requests for the
    beginning phase of their website development. These phone calls are logged and the date, time of call
    and summary of request is recorded. When a client’s time allocation has been reached, they will be
    notified by email and made aware that all future phone and email support could be invoiced.

2. Business Catalyst Website Software Support.

  1. Free unlimited Business Catalyst support is available through “support central” and is inlcuded in your monthly subscription. It is located in client website administration via support request in the top right hand corner of the page. The business catalyst forum and the online manual or knowledge base. 

3. Invoicing

  1. All invoices are emailed from our accounting software (XERO) As a client you are responsible for ensuring your email address and all other contact details you provide are up to date as email is the only way we send out communications.
  2. Oolybooly cannot be held liable if your service(s) are disrupted or affected due to an invalid e-mail address supplied to Oolybooly.

4. Payment terms

a. All Oolybooly payment terms are 7 days unless otherwise stated on website proposal document provided to you by Oolybooly and signed by both parties b. Any work ordered by you is due 7 days from when Invoice is generated.
c. For all quoted works amounts terms are as per the signed agreement, if no terms are stated then payment is due in 7 days.
d. Where work value is less than $1000 payment is required in full in advance.
e. Where work value is over $1000 50% payment is required to commence work unless otherwise stated, if a project goes for longer than 4 weeks 30% payment is required at 4 weeks and the final payment 20% on completion. We reserve the right to process the  final payment if there are undue delays in providing content by the client

5. Non payment

  1. Non payment process is at the discretion of Oolybooly.
  2. 1 day late a phone call is made to ascertain clients estimate for payment, email is sent to confirm.
  3. 7 days late access to website admin is restricted. A phone call is made to ascertain clients estimate for payment, email is sent to confirm.
  4. 14 days late email and front of website is restricted and interest of the current bank rate +2% is charged daily until all outstanding amounts are paid. A phone call is made to ascertain clients estimate for payment, email is sent to confirm.
  5. 21 days late and a letter of demand is sent with intent to recover debt via legal means. Website is removed and charges apply to reinstate.
  6. Oolybooly reserves the right to suspend a website account if payment is late.
  7. Oolybooly reserves the right to cancel any past and furture credit terms and all future work will need to be quoted and paid in advance until new terms can be established
  8. The offering of any credit terms remains at the descretion of Oolybooly.

6. Cancelling a website

  1. To cancel or delete a website you must give 74 days written notice prior to the due date of software subscription and renewal date. You must include the date of cancelation, the site to be cancelled contact details of the person cancelling the website and a signature of the website owner.
  2. You must receive confirmation of our receipt of your request before 60 days of software subscription renewal date.
  3. Oolybooly will contact the owner for confirmation.
  4. Failure to do this might incur charges. Business Catalyst invoices Oolybooly monthly in advance and we rebill those fees directly, Business Catalyst does not process refunds.

7. Back ups and Recovery

  1. Oolybooly backs up all website work carried out by Oolybooly on completion of the original website. If you make regular changes to your website it is recommended that you back up the website. Oolybooly offers a weekly back up service - contact us for details.
  2. If you delete content from your site there is no guarantee it can be recovered. Additional charges will apply should you delete content or functionality.

8. Changes and amendments

  1. These terms and conditions are subject to change.

8. Agreement Acknowledgement

  1. In the absences of any other agreement signed by you and a director of Oolybooly PTY LTD this agreement constitutes the complete and total agreement between the parties.
  2. Should any item in this agreement be determined to be invalid or unenforceable, all other items shall remain in force and effect and said provision shall be reformed only to the extent necessary to make it enforceable.
  3. By requesting services from Oolybooly you are stating and acknowledging that you have read the aforementioned terms and conditions and that you understand such terms and conditions and agree to be bound by them.