Top Tips for Maximising YOUR Online Sales this Christmas

by: Simon Eder on

The number of people expected to shop online for Christmas presents this year is expected to increase significantly and so to capitalise on this revenue, companies web strategies must be ‘business critical’. A sure way to lose valuable customers is to send them to a website that is not user friendly. Our tips below will help you deliver a better web experience this Christmas and as a result, benefit from the increased number of online sales.

  1. Update Often – keep updating content and presentation.
  2. Share the Christmas Spirit – customise your website to reflect a festive look and feel. Display items most likely to sell this Christmas.
  3. Up sell and Cross Sell – make the right recommendations to customers along the way. ‘People who bought this also bought’, ‘favourites’ and ‘wish lists’
  4. Easy to Buy – if the login, check out process is difficult then shoppers will give up. Thoroughly test and improve your forms to avoid this.
  5. Easy to navigate – Make it a seamless process to find your way around the site. Include a search facility, obvious checkout button and allow customers to move between pages without losing their selections.
  6. Prepare for the New Year – many shoppers are spending as much in the New Year as they are pre-Christmas. Are you prepared? Make sure you have fresh content and product offers ready to upload.
  7. Returning customers – direct- to- customer offers, based on buying history will entice your customers back to buy more.