Video Production Marketing Perth

How Video Marketing is Transforming Website Engagement

Marketing in general has a basic formula that is more or less always followed in some form. It's necessary to engage your audience and really get their attention. This means they're actually listening to what you have to say. To do this, you have to stir some emotions, and get behind their wants and desires. The marketing process also includes engaging your audience's senses, and giving them a lot of input. Once you have the audience fully engaged and have them thinking about their needs, you offer a solution to help them meet their needs. Traditionally, this has been done with text, but the power of faster Internet connection speeds means that now it can also be done with video.

Video marketing is like text marketing on steroids. And Google Loves Video

  • Corporate Videos
  • Video Emails
  • Photo Videos
  • Book Trailers
  • Video Tutorials
  • Induction Videos

Use your video on social media, create a channel on YouTube, there are hundreds of place on the web to publish your video free all pointing back to your website.

We know videos work and we use them, we have different video on almost every page.

A professional level of video marketing will engage all of the senses, not just sight and sound, by more easily stirring up feelings and emotions. When you can see and hear something vividly, it often feels like you can touch it, taste it, or smell it as well. This phenomenon means that video marketing has completely transformed the marketing game, and that the process of meeting your audience's demand has become more efficient.

People often won't take the time to read an entire body of text, but they'll be very likely to watch a short video since it takes much less effort. Video marketing not only increases the level of engagement, but also increases the chance of engaging your audience in the first place.

With a higher level of performance also comes a higher level of difficulty and complexity. The process of creating high-quality videos for marketing purposes requires technical know-how, a knowledge of computers, and a knowledge of video technique. Once the videos are created, quality traffic has to be driven towards them, which is an art form in itself. The videos have to create a buzz so that your audience will be more likely to share them with friends, family, and coworkers, but they also have to be maintained to make sure that they are always working.

Because of this higher level of complexity, it's best to have trained professionals do your video marketing. You shouldn't have to use your own personal time to learn how to perform a whole new set of marketing tasks because that takes away from the time you could spend tending to your own life and business. This way you'll be profiting in the long-term with a high-quality video product and have all of the necessary technical duties taken care of, but without any of the disadvantages.